Our Geelong Dance Classes

  • Ballet

    A formal dance style used to teach and improve agility, coordination, flexibility, strength and grace. It is a recommended class for students wishing to develop strong overall technique.

  • Jazz

    A combination of dance styles that comes from the musical theatre arts. It is often used in musical theatre, video clips and commercials. Classes focus on developing technique and applying this technique to choreography.

  • Tap

    A style of dance that is distinguished by percussive footwork that creates rhythmic patterns on the floor. As beginners, students are taught to work with their tap shoes and as they advance learn to create amazing sounds with their tap plates.

  • Contemporary

    An artistic combination of ballet techniques and naturalistic movement with a focus on developing a connection between the dancing body and the movement.

  • Hip Hop

    A dance style that belongs to the Urban Dance banner. Classes are fun and patterned after the latest music trends and learning intricate choreography and pattern work.

  • Acrobatics

    Handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, back handsprings and aerials are among many skills developed in these classes.

  • Musical Theatre

    A combination of dance styles, developing fundamental technical foundations for young dancers while also focusing on script work, character development and scene breakdown skills that is used in both musical theatre, tv and film acting.

    Using a range of scripts from musicals, films and plays, students will work on ways to develop their acting skills and learn how to incorporate it into their dancing and performing.

  • Beginner Ballet

    Beginner Ballet classes for young children to improve agility, coordination and flexibility.

  • Strength and Conditioning

    Classes to improve flexibility and strength for dancers.

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