We are excited to announce our Showcase dates for 2023!

This year we are excited to be back in Geelong at the newly renovated Geelong Arts Centre (GAC) for our combined 2023 Showcase.

2023 Important dates for our dancers

Dress Rehearsal Saturday 11 November 2023 at Infinite Dance Studios

Dress Rehearsal Saturday 18 November 2023 at Infinite Dance studios

Tech Rehearsal Friday 24 November 2023 at Geelong Arts Centre

Showcase Saturday 25 November 2023 at Geelong Arts Centre

2022 Senior Showcase: Dancing though the Decades

In November 2022 our Senior dancers showcased their hard work and dedication throughout 2022 in our Senior Showcase ‘Dancing through the Decades.’

2022 Senior Showcase

2022 Junior Showcase: Dance for You

Our Junior Showcase ‘Dance for You’ was help in October 2022 at Sacred Heart College We were so excited to show our dancer community the hard work and dedication our Junior dancers have been putting into their training.

2022 Junior show poster

2021 Senior Showcase: IDS Vault Unlocked

For 2 years, the Infinite Dance Studios Vault was sealed shut, protecting the creative work produced by our IDS dancers. When the world stopped, our dancers didn’t. Within the walls of the Vault, our dancers were training hard, pushing their boundaries and preparing for the moment they will finally be able to return to the stage. In February 2022 we officially burst open the IDS Vault!

IDS Vault unlocked

2021 Junior Showcase: Fun in 21

After two years we could not wait to see our wonderful students performing on stage for our 2021 Junior Showcase. The showcase featured our amazing junior students who worked so hard. Saturday 27th November at Sacred Heat College our IDS dancers had lots of “Fun in 21.”

Junior Showcase 2021 -02

2020 Showcase: Infinitely United and Inspired

Thank you to all of our beautiful dancers who featured in our 2020 Virtual Showcase of ‘Infinite United and Inspired’! For the first time in 15 years, Infinite took their showcase from the stage, and into your homes.

Our dancers put their creativity to the test, and were given the opportunity to be part of the creation process of our showcase. We are so proud of their hard work and dedication towards this performance and we commend their positivity and drive throughout the whole year.

We were inspired to create this concept to demonstrate how our community can continue to connect and be ‘Infinitely United and Inspired’ through our passion for dance.

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